By: karwanpro / Date: 2009-09-18
Updated version of the program will be easy and comfortable designed for users of the first level and Karwanpro succeeded to design his own interface which is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 for using in designing programs which will be created.
By: karwanpro / Date: 2009-09-15
Every one has his own way in program designing, these methods depends on the taste of the designer in the first place but there are things forcing the designer to choose the design without take into account his taste and this is according to the requirements of this work.
By: karwanpro / Date: 2009-02-18
This is the program’s Motto; it pays attention of your computer and maintain the continuity of its work properly and correctly, without performing a lot of tests, because the program is doing all by on button click without difficulty.
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