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By: karwanpro / Date: 2009-09-15
Every one has his own way in program designing, these methods depends on the taste of the designer in the first place but there are things forcing the designer to choose the design without take into account his taste and this is according to the requirements of this work. Karwanpro has designed an interface for using in programs developing and the ability mid-level users to use the software have taking into account.

Design Color: Derivatives of green to blue colors were selected for the interface, because the green color is the best in terms of satisfaction with the eye and does not cause complications when you sit behind the computer for long periods as the color green are friendly to the nature, that the eyes used to it, either the blue is the leading for the good designs It is no secret that the blue colored designs always the forefront of all designs in terms of coordination and arrangement.

Graphics: It is taking into consideration that the program is designed for users with intermediate level so the program was decorated with three-dimensional drawings to facilitate the user to distinguish by graphics without relying only on the text and understand its meaning because the middle-level users do not know most of the terminology so the graphics are as teaching of these terms in addition to being developed for ease of using, and these graphics has developed in the form of buttons. Sections: in the new design each group of the operations could be isolate in a separate section and can move easily between sections and the possibility to placement more sections with special location of the menu bar, this will significantly help users to contain the program and quick access to all points in the program and not losing any of them.