By: karwanpro / Date: 2013-07-16
A quick working PC is everyone's ideal PC. When your computer is years old and is already showing signs of slowing down, it can get really frustrating. Before thinking about upgrading your OS or replacing your computer entirely, try these simple tips first to fix computer speed effectively. These methods are easy and something an average PC user can do.

Keep your visuals simple.
A multitude of visual effects and a very busy backdrop can slow down your computer. Keeping things simple and opting for a classic background will certainly fix your PC speed.

Create a backup.
Before you do any more trouble shooting to fix PC speed from this point, it is a wise idea to make a backup for your files. Any attempt at PC repair may put important data at risk, so keep everything safe from work files to your photos. Should something go wrong (fingers crossed) you won't lose anything.

Clean your hard drive.
Overtime, the PC hard drive can get cluttered with all sorts of stuffs. A regular disk clean up should speed up PC performance. Removing temporary files and emptying the recycle bin regularly are other ways to clean your hard drive. When it has more space, it can make your computer perform faster.

Only keep programs you REALLY use.
Take a long hard look at your desktop. Chances are you don't use majority of the stuffs there. One way to fix PC speed is to remove programs you don't need. Start with removing clutter from your desktop, then proceed to control panel---->programs then uninstall the applications you never use. If you haven't heard of an application or it sounds too complicated, leave it. Only remove programs you are familiar with. Keeping PC applications to a healthy minimum will improve computer speed.

Make external hard drives your best friend.
Let's face it. Your computer's space is not infinite. You can't put everything in there and expect it to perform at top speed. For all your bulk files, it is a better option to just store them in an external drive. It is amazing how these tiny things can pack a lot. The beauty of hard drives is that you can access your files no matter what PC you are using. Also, they take the load off your computer. Using an external drive will make your PC run faster.

Improve Start Up
Among the tell tale signs that you need to fix your computer speed is a slow start up. If it takes a while for your PC to load everything, it means that there is too much stuff in there. Limit the programs that you open on start up. Go here: Control Panel Systems & Maintenance Performance Information & Tools Manage Startup Programs. These steps let you select manually the programs that will open during Startup.

Doing these easy tips can considerably fix computer speed. If after performing these actions your PC is still running slowly, more complicated measures are needed. One recommended option is to get a ready to use computer maintenance software such as SmartPCFixer. This software scans your PC for junk files and errors to improve computer speed.