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By: karwanpro / Date: 2010-01-06
This discussion will focus on a device that will allow you to share one keyboard, monitor and mouse with multiple computers . The number of computers normally sharing these items is two, but it could be more.
The device that allows the sharing of a single keyboard, monitor and mouse with multiple computers is called a KVM switch, which stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. The newer KVM switches also allow the sharing of a set of speakers with more than one computer. There are a couple of major reasons that people use KVM switches when needing to have more than one computer in their work area:
ONE Monitor For Multiple Computers

1. Space savings - Naturally, by eliminating the need for multiple keyboards, monitors, and mice, you will de-clutter your desktop and give yourself more room to work.

2. Cost savings - Buying less equipment to support your multiple computer configuration is obviously desirable.

Connecting things to the KVM switch is straight forward. The computers involved are connected to the switch to facilitate keyboard, monitor, mouse, and sometimes speaker operation. Then, the single keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speakers are connected to the switch to act as input, display, and audio devices for all computers. The keyboard and mouse may be wireless also, and in this case the switch would have a receiving unit that would accept the wireless signal from these devices.

Once everything is connected, one computer will be active at a time. When you want to switch to another computer and make it active, the switch will either have a button you push or a keystroke sequence to make the change to that other computer.

KVM switches are not costly, generally from $50 to $100. They are made by several manufacturers and are available either online or from most office supply stores.

I'm sure you'll agree that freeing up some desk space by using a KVM switch would be great. I've used one for years, and wouldn't be without one any more.

BY: Ed Simon