By: karwanpro / Date: 2013-07-16
Various revolutionizing concepts that we experience today, used to be a mocked during the initial years of electronic computing. Remotely controlled devices and machines, mobile computing with high performance etc. were not considered in practice due to limited availability of technology at that time, required to implement them.

From mainframe systems to desktop machine to laptops to mobile computing, technology is continuously assisting end users to use a high performance and easily manageable device. The next expected milestone in the series of computing devices is Wearable mobile devices powered with wearable computing. Though not absolutely available at the moment, wearable computing is slowly emerging as the future of Computing. Making its first step with the concept of Google Glass and rumored one of iWatch, these will be the full time wearable computing devices which will be used in day-to-day life of the end users for their routine needs.

Wearable computing devices are already used in various military, commercial and other areas of applications like virtual reality platform for fighter planes, wearable devices in healthcare etc. In consumer practice, they are not as popular as they were never introduced as a wearable consumer device. Wearable consumer devices are highly influenced with the smartphone technology being used in mobile computing. Few examples of the same are Google Glass and iWatch.A consumer oriented wearable computing device can benefit an end user in following manner:

provides ease for the user to convert their wearable device into a computing platform of any complexity, whenever and wherever required.
Ease of handling the device as no alteration in the habits of user is required. For eg. wearing Google glass instead of spectacles is an easy way of handling a computing device.
Apart from the Google Glass product and conceptualized iWatch, another rumor about Google's smartwatch is also buzzing the market recently. According to an unnamed source from Google mentioned, "Google filed a patent in October 2012 for a smartwatch design which include a processor, a flip-display, tactical user interface and a wireless transceiver to connect with a wireless router."

Interest of market giants in developing wearable device implies the popularity and user demand for these devices. Consumer oriented wearable computing device can become quite popular as seen with the positive response of Google Glass. However, the negative side of wearable computing device is their cost, which is expected to remain high in its initial years. Reason for the same is that a wearable device should be an integrated device with other computing components which could be costly.