By: karwanpro / Date: 2013-07-16
D-sub connectors are a particular type of electrical connectors, mainly used to establish video connections in computing. Everyone owns a computer, and the connection between the monitor and the central unit is perhaps done by such a connector. In order to achieve a high quality image, without any flickering, it is important to use a high quality connector.

What is such a connector made of?

It is common for D-sub connectors to be composed of a certain number of pins, fitted into a socket. There is also a plug that prevents this component from becoming loose and minimizes the damages in case of an impact.

The term D-sub stands for D-subminiature. However, this initial naming convention was abandoned, as the connectors evolved and are not considered miniature anymore. In fact, D-subs are currently one of the largest plugs you would normally find in a modern computer. As opposed to what many may think, the D in the name of these devices does not stand for digital. It was the creators of this type of connection, ITT Cannon, who chose this letter because the pins are placed in a D-shaped cell. In the name of each individual connector, it is also common to use another letter to denote the size of the plug, followed by a number used for the number of pins that can be fitted into the shell.

What are D-sub connectors used for?

One of the most common uses for such connectors, in addition to linking monitors to central units in the case of PCs, is in printers. Most printer cables are also based on this technology, and the same thing can be said about joysticks and external floppy drives. Furthermore, sound engineers may also be aware that certain multi-channel audio systems also come with a D-sub connector.

When it comes to video connections from monitors, the name of the connector is DE15. The meaning of D was explained above, while the E is the size in the system created by ITT Cannon. Finally, the 15 shows that there are 15 pins, arranged in three rows of five pins each. Most people that are unfamiliar with the name of DE15 will recognize this connector under the name of VGA.

Until recently, VGA cables were also used for television sets, but with the invention of HDMI their use has become less popular. Even though nowadays VGA cables are generally considered unsuitable for portable devices, most laptops manufactured under the biggest brands still offer support for such a connection.

Because they require a special system to lock them into place, VGA connectors are more expensive than other types of plugs, which is perhaps the biggest drawback of using them.