By: karwanpro / Date: 2009-12-25
Berewber is a Is a software application developed by karwanpro to contribute to the care of the computer through a series of processes interacting with each other to form an excellent care and monitoring of all the details of the device smoothly and flexibly by offering complete and accurate information for all device’s components.
Checking of all devices, which can be examined: the safety of its work and maintenance of the parts that do not work properly and to have a full control on the operational details and tasks to be simple in its nature of using and by adding graphics to the program’s interface.

Caring for Your Computer:
This is the program’s Motto; it pays attention of your computer and maintain the continuity of its work properly and correctly, without performing a lot of tests, because the program is doing all by on button click without difficulty.
Care system in Berewber is a series of operations including:
1 - Presentation of complete and accurate information to the various computer parts from software and hardware, and climate change such information that occur on the computer.
2 - Examining pieces of computer-related services to ensure the safety of its work (in the current version only the keyboard is checked).
3 - Complete control over every detail of operations and tasks, which are running and the implementation of difficult to implementation programs, including visual and hidden ones.
4 - Maintenance of parts and follow-up its work and to maintain its continuity in service on a regular and excellent basis.
5 – Putting your special touches on your device to be as you want e.g. icons for the drivers.
6 - Edit the files properties in flexible manner, which are difficult to edit.
7 - Discovering personal and network folders with the possibility of opening.
8 - Undertake a range of tasks automatically at a time determined by you, as shutting down the computer, and implementation of a particular program and more.

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