By: karwanpro / Date: 2013-08-17
PHP is an open source server side scripting language which is used by almost every major website of the world including Facebook, Digg and WordPress. It is much faster than other scripting languages and has detailed documentations, ready-to use scripts and many supported frameworks for different platforms. Python and Ruby are another two scripting language which gives competition to PHP but useful tools and resources of this language makes it most preferred language to web developers. The given below brief about the PHP tools and application will make you more comfortable with the server side scripting language.

PHP Tools and Applications


PHPFastCache is a free open source PHP caching library. It is a single file that PHP programmers considered the best for caching. It also assures to give high performance and speed up the web applications by reducing load on database. One of the best features of this scripting language is the distributed object caching system which caches the load of database that leads to speed up the webpage by 1,000times. It includes PDO, APC, Wincache, XCache, MemCached and app ache PHP files which use maximum of 50 MB per file only. The friendly web development tool of this scripting language elicits many developers to work on this application.

ICE Coder

ICE coder is a code editor offers a new approach to build a website with a single code. It is open source browser code which allow developers to create a website online or offline with a one program on browser. It facilitates to test the site on actual web servers at any time and do further changes. The maintenance of the website is quite feasible as it only need internet enabled computer with modern browser then it allows customizing and integrating with online services. This makes PHP code editor tool a speedy and smart development comparatively to others.


PHP developers have created another smart library which is a clean, compact and a tested code base to handle errors and exceptions. It provides code for all frames and has a simple API to deal with trace frames and the data which can be integrated with all. It supports JSON and AJAX request and has list of providers such as Silex and Zend Framework 2 which provide support to work on various platforms. Developers can also frame comments and analysis through custom middle-ware.

PHPFree Chat

Web developers of PHP have developed an easy, simple and customizable open source PHP chat application. It has a responsive layout which allows n number of users such as mobile, tab, laptop or users having big screen computers. It has multi language chat and stores nicknames and messages by using simple filesystem. AJAX has been used in this application to smoothly run chat zone and nickname zone. People enjoy customized theme based on CSS and plugins to store writing routines such as Mysql, IRC backends and commands from the user.

New PHP tools and applications mentioned above have helped many designers and developers to learn the useful server side scripting language for developing the creative functional websites. For smart and intelligent developers, learning and implementing these four new tools of PHP is as easy as pie.